About Renedian

Three years into what would become a five-year round-the-world motorcycle trip, Rene Cormier arrived in Africa, intending to spend four months traveling the dark continent. Seventeen months later, he and his motorcycle crossed into the Middle East, but a large part of his heart remained behind. While in South Africa, he’d met Colette, his future wife, a meeting that would draw him back to southern Africa and change the course of his life.

Now into their sixth year of creating raving clients, Renedian Adventures specializes in trips in southern Africa. That’s important because Africa, like few other places Rene has ridden motorcycles, relies on a system of ‘who you know’ to get things done. We think that riders who want to experience the ride of a lifetime in a land as mythical and wonderful as Africa is, do not want to risk the organizations who run one tour a year there.

Renedian Adventures’ tours get away from big cities right away. They travel in Namibia or the western side of Africa which is sparsely populated. The endless empty roads, massive skies, crossing elephant footprints with your tire tracks, hearing lions at night, talking with new friends around campfires, spotting giraffes and zebra and buck from the road, the lack of fences—all of this FAR outweighs any cost and worries of getting there and it is easier to get there than you may think.

People feel a connection to the place they’re in, especially through the gravel roads. They didn’t realize how safe it was, how empty some of the places are and how beautiful South Africa is. And seeing the animals up close is very special. The biggest risk travelers face, greater than malaria or pick pockets, is a motor vehicle accident.

Their professional and experienced people with unique knowledge of the land and its ways, create consistently outstanding experiences. Many people never knew they could do it by motorcycle. Most importantly, they want to get away from the logical unknowns about planning such a trip, which can chew up their time.

Spending time out of doors in Africa rekindles something in us that can only be described as correct and appropriate. We invite you to experience it for yourself. It’s easier than you think!