About Renedian

It is no coincidence that the tours we offer are in places that Rene preferred to explore while travelling on his around the world trip. Not many busy cities,many wide open landscapes, fun roads, and stunning scenery that will remain with you forever.

The fact that he took almost five years to get around the world will give you insight into why we run our trips with the itineraries and pace that we do –  we don’t race to finish the day. We know that it is likely that you may never get back to Africa, Mongolia, or South America again, and we need to stop frequently to be inquisitive about the magical places that we are riding through by questions and taking pictures. We get on the road early and have enjoyable distances before arriving at our lodge by early afternoon.

If prospective riders have itineraries from other outfits that you would like us to compare with ours, we would be happy to do so. Send them over!

Why Africa, Mongolia, and South America?

We are now into our eighth year of bringing riders overseas for their trips of a lifetime and we talk about travelling constantly. The one thing that continues to interest us is the depth of experience, money, time, and frankly, guts many riders think is necessary to ride in a foreign country. Among overseas destinations, Africa consistently raises an eyebrow as a tricky place to be, doubly so on a motorcycle. Good roads can be found around the world, but fun roads and elephants, giraffes, rhinos and hippos? That’s only Africa! Add into the mix a very well supported tourism infrastructure and you are delivered a trip that is worthy of the ‘trip of a lifetime’ moniker.

For Africa, the endless empty roads, massive skies, crossing elephant footprints with your tire tracks, hearing lions at night, talking with new friends around campfires, spotting giraffes and zebra and buck from the road, the lack of fences—all of this FAR outweighs any cost and worries of getting there and it is easier to get there than you may think.

For most people, Mongolia is a complete unknown. In 2015 we conducted our inaugural tour in Mongolia. Rene spent a month riding through it in 2008 as part of his big ride. Although he had been on the road for more than four years at that point, Mongolia – was a place full of wonder – so much so that it made the cover of his book The University of Gravel Roads. Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country on earth, and with a limited infrastructure this is an off-road tour that will not fit every riders skill set or comfort level, but it does  get us into a remote part of the world with a deep historical and cultural significance that is rarely explored.

South America draws the explorer to her. Mysterious Patagonia, magical Machu Picchu and the Incan connections, and rough and tumble Tierra Del Fuego. Weather and roads can be challenging here, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Spending time out of doors in these places rekindles something in us that can only be described as correct and appropriate. We invite you to experience it for yourself. It’s easier than you think!

Our worldwide crew.

Rene Cormier spent 1500 days practicing route planning and site seeing during his big solo trip around the world. As lead guide and scout, he brings this honed skill to all of the routes,  making sure guests see all the important things that must be seen while on tour, but spaced well and with enough days off to enjoy the trip as a whole.  Wise pacing is critical to having a successful expedition.




Rob House, a Brit by birth, settled in South Africa over twenty years ago. He has travelled extensively throughout southern Africa both as a freelance photographer and graphic designer. Travelling beyond the tarmac gave Rob a taste of the real Africa where he has worked whenever possible. While working as Art Director for Getaway, one of Africa’s premier travel magazines, Rob became the magazine’s staff adventure motorcyclist. He began racking up miles on his BMW R1200 Adventure while collecting stories and photographs throughout Southern Africa.
Rob has contributed as Web Editor to BMW South Africa and has been involved in supporting and leading tours since 2012.



John Wellburn was raised in the mountains of British Columbia, where he was riding motorbikes from about the time he was able to walk. A desire to see the world soon led to travelling which then led to a lifelong passion to travel the world on a motorbike. Since those early days, John has travelled through dozens of countries all over the world by motorbike and done more laps around South America than he can count. All with his best friend and loyal travel companion, a vintage BMW boxer street bike. At some point along the way, John fell in love with Argentina and decided to make it his second home. He bought a farm, planted a vineyard and eventually started a family. Fast forward 10 years, John splits his time between Canada and Argentina and travels back and forth with his Argentinian wife Carolina and son Roy, chasing the summer and the riding season.


Piet Human grew up in the Freestate province of South Africa. Born in Cape Town and having spent most of his adult life there, he considers himself a Capetonian. He recently exchanged the thrilling world of commercial banking and law for life as an aspiring entrepreneur. These days he prefers to spend time with interesting people while riding a motorcycle in exotic places on our beautiful planet or paragliding. His favorite place is the Richtersveld in north-western South Africa. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his best mate Brenda (whom he married) and head of the household ‘Rambo’, the feisty one-eyed Jack Russell terrier.



Mike Higgs deals with on road logistics and the support vehicle. He drives expedition support for our groups as well as large truck safaris throughout southern Africa. He keeps threatening to get his motorcycle license so he can assist with the on-bike guiding, but we think he enjoys the air conditioning and stereo in his truck too much. He lives with his wife Gaye and two kids Jarred and Megan near Cape Town.





Jan Coetzee also deals with on road logistics and the support vehicle. ‘Jan Sand’  is also a professional truck driver, motorcycle guide, adventure rider, and cross country rally racer who has ridden every country in southern Africa. Adventure riding for him is about going out into the open, exploring his surroundings, camping under the night sky and living close to nature, with a good friend or friends as company. Sometimes it’s about pushing his limits, using his wit but always respecting the machine he is on and always trying to be humble towards nature and the people around him. And last but not least, he tries and have as much fun as possible! Jan lives in Pretoria with his wife Ria and two boys, Hugo and Juan.


Danise Zuidmeer is the person behind every successful tour who irons out the details.  Born in the Western Cape of South Africa, she has been in the Travel & Tourism industry in South Africa for more than 40 years.  Starting in the airline industry as a stewardess and then reservations manageress for international airlines, she moved through the ranks to tour operator and creating tailor-made itinerary’s for upmarket clientele. Danise’s many years in travel has given her the opportunities to visit countries and cities in Africa and abroad, to explore and understand their history, culture and lifestyle. Her love of people and places brings uniqueness to her contribution to care and deliver the highest standard of attention to detail and passion for an unforgettable travel experience.