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Gobi Discovery

A 15 day guided and supported looped motorcycle tour through the famous Gobi desert in the far south of Mongolia.

Ride a great sample of Mongolia’s terrain. – wide open high speed steppe, vast desert plains, rocky creek beds, many river crossings and some tight mountain double track, with rest days at the singing sand dunes, and the Tsenger Hot Springs.

Come a few days early and enjoy the Naadam Festival, Mongolia’s version of the Olympics featuring wrestling, horseback racing and archery. A great way to start your Mongolian experience!


USD $6,995

per person





DISTANCE 2100 km / 1300 mi






USD $6,995 with motorcycle and shared accommodation


  • USD $6,995 (with motorcycle)

  • USD $8,095 (with UTV & solo driver)

  • USD $6,095 (with UTV & two drivers sharing)

  • USD $8,095 (with 4×4 & solo driver)

  • USD $6,095 (with 4×4 & two drivers sharing)

  • Single room supplement USD +$1,195


  • Three day  Naadam Festival with Shared room USD $595 pp

  • Three day Naadam Festival with Single Room USD $745 pp


  • 14 nights accommodation; (2 hotel, 12 ger camp)

  • All breakfast and dinner, most lunches
  • Guide on motorcycle
  • Chase truck for carrying luggage
  • Spare motorcycle
  • Mechanic on tour
  • All tolls and park entrance fees
  • Airport transfers
  • Fuel


  • Visas, pre-trip medical items, trip & medical insurance

  • Personal travel to or from Tour

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Fuel
  • Staff and local guide gratuities
See full list in Terms and Conditions


Festival July 10-12
Gobi Tour July 12 – 26

Festival July 10 – 12
Gobi Tour July 12 – 26


Festival Day 1

Fly In to Ulaanbaatar
No riding.
Accommodation in hotel.

Welcome to Ulaanbaatar! Today should be used to get settled in after your flight. Dinner is at the hotel and we can rest before our visit to the Naadam Festival.

Festival Day 2

No riding. Visit festival by bus.
Accommodation in hotel.

Your Renedian guide, together with a local Mongolia guide will accompany you to the opening ceremony of Mongolia’s famous Naadam Festival.

During the ceremony, we will witness the opening march: a very impressive display celebrating Mongolia’s history. The colourful parade includes soldiers, monks, dancers, and athletes of the three main sports—Horse Racing, Wrestling, and Archery. Today sets the tone for what is to come during the festival.

Festival Day 3/Day 1 of Tour

No riding: Visit festival by bus.
Accommodation in hotel.

Today will be a full day, as we head out into the countryside to attend a smaller, more intimate part of the festival. We should have the chance to get up close to the horse races. Local people usually wear traditional dress, making for a colorful and festive atmosphere.

We head back to Ulaanbaatar in the afternoon to complete our bike check and get ready for the start of the riding adventure tomorrow!

Note: This is also Day 1 of the Gobi Discovery Tour. Riders not coming early for the festival need to arrive by mid-day today.


Day 1-July 12

Welcome Day in Ulaanbaatar.
No riding.
Accommodation in hotel.

Welcome to Ulaanbaatar. Today should be used to relax and settle in. This will also be your last opportunity to shop for last minute essentials before we head out of the city and into the Mongolian countryside. After today, the opportunity to buy anything is very limited.

During the afternoon, we will complete our bike check and get ready for the start of the riding adventure tomorrow!

Day 2-July 13

Baga Gazrin Chuluu
245km (100 km paved/145 km gravel).
Accommodation in ger camp.

Our Mongolian riding experience starts by heading south for about 100 km on paved roads towards the Gobi Desert. This allows us to get used to the bikes before we hit the dirt track and continue west for 150 km to our ger camp for the night. Baga Gazrin Chuluu is a picturesque mountain in the Gobi Desert. At an elevation of 1751 metres, it is located in the granite belt and hosts ibex, Siberian argali, vultures, hawks and eagles.

Day 3-July 14

Tsagaan Suvraga – White Cliffs
255 km (170 km paved/85 km gravel).
Accommodation in ger camp.

After about 50 km, we refuel in Mandalgobi, the provincial capital of Dundgobi province. We continue south on paved roads for another 100 km and then east on dirt tracks for about 50 km before arriving at our ger camp near Tsagaan Suvraga, better known as the White Cliffs.

Tsagaan Suvraga is a unique formation of sheer cliffs, 30 meters high and 100 meters wide. From a distance, the north facing sheer slope resembles the ruins of an ancient city.

Day 4-July 15

Yol Valley
220 km (140 km paved/80 km gravel).
Accommodation in ger camp.

The day starts with a short ride to the White Cliffs, then riding around this interesting archaeological area. This leaves us with another 50 kms (approx.) of dirt track, giving us the opportunity to truly experience the extreme remoteness of the Gobi Desert.

A stretch of paved roads delivers us into Dalanzadgad (DZ), the provincial capital of Umungobi for a quick refuel and resupply. After DZ another 40 km (approx.) of enjoyable desert riding brings us to our ger camp for the night.

Day 5-July 16

Khongorin Els – Singing Sand Dunes
210 km (all gravel).
Accommodation in ger camp.

Today promises to be one of the riding highlights of the trip. The Gurvan Saikhan mountains are the first sizeable mountains we get to play in. As today’s route is entirely on dirt, we see the gradual change of landscape from steppe to mountain range, to eventually reach Khongorin Els, one of the largest formations of sand dunes in the Gobi Desert.

On our way to the dunes, we ride through the Yolin Am Canyon via the Vulture’s Nest, a pass in a deep, narrow gorge in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains where finding ice sheets in the bottom shadows is not unusual. Exiting the canyon delivers us to some of the best open-steppe riding on the tour—wide open landscapes and dozens of tracks to choose from. Stand up, look up, and open up!

Day 6-July 17

Khongorin Els – Singing Sand Dunes
No Riding. Rest Day.
Accommodation in ger camp.

Khongorin Els is also known as the “singing sands” because of the sound that the howling northwest winds cause when passing over the tips of the dunes. Today we have a free day to spend in this magnificent place – dune climbing, camel riding, or just relaxing to catch up with your diary entries.

Day 7-July 18

Bayanzag – Flaming Cliffs
130 km (all gravel).
Accommodation in ger camp.

Up for an early start from the dunes, we head towards the tiny village of Bulgan to refuel. We cross a few dry riverbeds while riding through the northern side of the mountains in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park.

Our ger camp for the night is located close to Mongolia’s famous Flaming Cliffs – a place renowned for one of the richest collections of dinosaur remains on the planet after Roy Andrew Chapman discovered dozens of paleontological artifacts here in the 1920s. The high red gravel cliffs and the surrounding emptiness make it well worth the visit.

Day 8-July 19

Saikhan Ovoo – Ongi Monastry
230km (all gravel).
Accommodation in ger camp.

A relatively flat ride through the expanse of the Gobi Desert takes us from Bayanzag to Saikhan-Ovoo. A famous camel-herding area, we are likely pass many Bactrian camels. Our overnight stop is near the Ongi Monastery, established in the mid 16th century and once one of Mongolia’s largest monasteries.

Day 9-July 20

Khujirt – Orkhon Eco Camp
270 km (all gravel).
Accommodation in ger camp.

Today is usually a fairly long day, so we will start early. After a short ride to refuel in Saikhan-Ovoo, we return to dirt tracks through the desert. After leaving Dundgobi province, the landscape gradually transitions to small river crossings, alpine trees, and eventually mountain passes, promising more great riding.

Our accommodation is an eco-camp in the beautiful Orkhon Valley overlooking the Orkhon River.

Day 10-July 21

Tshenkher Hot Springs
280 km (all gravel).
Accommodation in ger camp.

We start the day in search of a suitable spot to cross the Orkhon River. Once on the other side a delightful ride awaits through forests, up and down hilly mountain roads, and many little river crossings at the bottom of valleys.

Our ger camp for the next two nights is at the Tshenker Hot Springs, enabling us to enjoy this area.

Day 11-July 22

Tshenkher Hot Springs
Rest Day. No Riding.
Accommodation in ger camp.

Today is a rest day to do as you wish. Choose to start off with a soak in the hot springs, catch up with laundry, or hire a local guide and explore the area on horseback.

Day 12-July 23

120 km (90 km paved/30 km gravel).
Accommodation in ger camp.

Only a short day (distance wise) awaits. After a short but fun ride along the flat river valley and crossing several shallow streams, we resupply in the town of Altan Ovoo. From here we ride pavement to the city of Kharkhorin where the main attraction is the Erdene Zuu monastery—one of Mongolia’s largest monasteries before the Communists destroyed it.

Today, the monastery is active and holds around 100 monks. We also have time to visit the new Erdene Zuu Museum which displays many unique artifacts of the Khubilai Khan era.

Day 13-July 24

Hustai National Park
295 km (275 km paved/20 km gravel).
Accommodation in ger camp.

Today is one of our longest days of riding on a paved road. For some it will be a source of great joy after long days on a dirt tracks. We start by riding towards Hustai National Park where Przewalski’s horses, the last surviving subspecies of wild horses, were introduced after near extinction in late 1950s.

Day 14-July 25

85 km (15 km paved/70 km gravel).

Our last day on the bikes, unfortunately! A short ride takes us from Hustai to Ulaanbaatar with the option of returning via a paved road or dirt track. The track is beautiful and follows a valley right up to the city. We return the bikes in the afternoon and then clean up for our last group dinner in this magnificent country.

Day 15-July 26

Fly Out – Ulaanbaatar
No Riding.

After breakfast your driver will take you to the airport, bringing your Mongolia adventure to a close. It’s time to get back to the real world.