John Wellburn — Guide and Adventurer

  John Wellburn was raised in Williams Lake, in the mountains of central British Columbia. Born with a passion for travel and adventure, he’s been riding motorcycles since he could walk, His wanderlust and curiosity have taken him to exotic and [...]

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Rob House and How to Experience Africa’s Heartbeat

  Rob, who's been with Renedian for three seasons, leads tours in Africa. Recently, he returned from his first Mongolian expedition. “I tell people who come to Africa, if they’re really lucky, they’ll get this jolt to the heart. It’s [...]

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Buck Heath

Prior to departure, Buck Heath’s wife, who wasn’t going, knew way more about the trip than he did. Intent on avoiding preconceived notions, he purposely did no research and asked her not to tell him anything. No amount of study [...]

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