Peter Knowles and the Challenge of the Unknown

Much of the fun of traveling on Rene’s beta trips is that you don’t know what’s ahead. New routes take guests to countries Rene visited during his around-the-world trip. Beta trips allow an opportunity for updates and fine-tuning before any tour goes live. A group of skilled riders, who are comfortable with uncertainty, go on […]

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Mike McClure and the Sounds of Silence

Mike McClure loves to get off the beaten track and listen to the sounds of silence. “As kids, we traveled to Europe with our parents. After graduating from university I spent another six months there, visiting a girlfriend, and my dad who was working there. Five years later I traveled to Asia with a buddy […]

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Discovering the Gobi Desert’s Rich History

The word Gobi means large and dry in the Mongolian language. The world’s fifth largest desert spans 0.5 million square miles of northern China and southern Mongolia. It’s a place of intrigue, fascinating history, and a diversity of wildlife. Riders on the Gobi Discovery tour glimpse its wild, unpredictable, and stunning character. Discovering the Remote and Complex Gobi […]

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Rick Morcom

Rick Morcom says he’s had a checkered life. It started in Australia, then to South Africa, up to England for 18 years, and over to rural New Brunswick, Canada and a Family Medicine practice in 2008. Riding, since age 16, has been a constant throughout those moves.     Only this year did he purchase […]

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John Marcassa

Many people plan for years to take a once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle expedition with Renedian Adventures. But John Marcassa didn’t have years. He signed up to go to Mongolia because it gave him something to look forward to other than a brain tumour. Intense radiation in 1978 cured the cancer in his head but he was told […]

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The least populated country in the world is the stage for an epic ride like none other that we do. Once we leave the capitol city of Ulaanbaatar we stay in local ger (yurt) camps for our entire time out on tour. The majority of this trip is on gravel road or jeep track, and off road experience is required. Rest days at the Gobi desert’s singing sand dunes and another at the hot springs, we will get a fascinating glimpse into rural Mongolia. This ride is guided and fully supported.   This is not 2-up trip, but non-riders are welcome to ride in a private chase truck. (2200 kms/ 1400 miles).


  • Offroad heaven
  • 90% double track off road riding
  • Gobi Desert
  • Hongor Singing Sand Dunes
  • Site of Roy Chapman Andrews discovery of dinosaur eggs
  • Tsenger Hot Springs
  • Erdene Zuu Monestery
  • Hustai National Park looking for wild Przewalski horses
  • Cultural Dance and Throat Singing show in Ulaanbaatar

Detailed itinerary of Gobi Discovery Tour