Client Travel Tips

Travel Tips
Photo credit: Liza Firstman

No one knows better how to prepare for a trip to Africa than those who have been here.  We love to hear them and pass along to those will be travelling with us. Each month beginning September 2015, we’ll share Client Travel Tips in our newsletter and keep adding to this list.

    1. Keep your camera simple. Liza Firstman was a photographic editor for National Geographic, so she’s got a good eye for a picture. “I’ve traveled with a big lens and big camera, always stopping and changing lenses. This time I took most of my pictures on a cell phone. I even had a little pocket point and shoot. While the pictures weren’t fabulous, it was so nice because you tend to enjoy the moment more, rather than worrying about the shot. It takes all the tension and pressure away.”  Read their story here: Liza Firstman 
    2. Let friends and family know you’re not always going to be available to contact them.There is usually internet service but it can be intermittent and very slow. Don’t expect a lot of pictures until we’re back. The days we didn’t have internet were awesome. Becky Warrington
      Note from Rene: Riders get the hotel list before they come over, and on that list are the phone numbers from all the lodging in case anyone back home wants to contact us. I also give my contact details for my cell phones and my satellite phone which both can receive phone calls and text messages. 
    3. Bring a camera. Some of the people on our trip didn’t have one. Bring the largest memory card you have, and bring rechargeable batteries. You don’t necessarily find batteries. Caroline Barnes
    4. Prepare by doing everything Rene tells you to do. We just did everything on the list— what to bring, how to pack, what shots to get, what meds to bring, contingency plans—and it worked!” Patti Heveron
    5. Experiment with driving on the left before you go. It can be initially disconcerting to get off the plane and quickly adapt to a protocol which is not practiced by North Americans. Right hand turns and roundabouts were the most confusing for Liza. Liza Firstman  Read: 8 Tips for Driving on the Left
    6. Pack light. When Rene sends out the list, he knows what he’s talking about. Take the laundry pack and do your laundry as you go. You don’t need much because you’re either in motorcycle gear, shorts, or a sundress. Karen Jones
    7. Take an Off-Road Riding course. It’s good to repeat regularly for any road or off-road rider and helps you deal with a variety of road conditions. Clinton Smout,owner of SMART Adventures, was on our trip and offered invaluable advice. Shawn Bilerman.
    8. Many successful businessmen wear the same attire every day so they can focus on larger issues than what they’re going to wear. Apply the same logic when packing. “It’s a lot less complicated and your day is great anyways!”  Bobbi-Jo Siverns  See her entire list here.
    9. Next time I’d literally go with my riding gear and a back pack and purchase clothing in Cape Town. There are amazing stores and the exchange rate is very favourable. Kris Brenneman


If you’ve travelled with us and have tips to share, please submit them here.