• Private Tours

    We know that your vacation time may not always match our tour dates, or you may prefer a smaller, private group to do your travelling with. We can organize tours from 1-30 people, and from 1 day to multiple weeks.

    Email thoughts on what would make a perfect tour for you, and we will put the logistics together – Contact us

  • 4×4 Rental and Tours.

    Many of our routes can be modified to be done with a local 4×4. The camping scene is fantastic in southern Africa, and every year we have riders who come over for a motorcycle tour and extend their tour to do further touring with a 4×4. The trucks can be completely equipped with a roof top tent and all the camping equipment. Here is a note from a couple who rented the 4×4 after their motorcycle tour:

    Always meant to send you a proper thank you for arranging our 4×4 itinerary.

    It is so easy to Google sites and create lists for “must-see’s” however it is also equally difficult to narrow down what one can actually accomplish in one day.  Yes there’s a few places that would have been nice to stay longer, but each and every place was so totally different from the last.

    It really created a true appreciation for the magnificent and relentlessly brutal landscape that Namibia has to offer.  Each campsite the owners warned us of “naughty baboons” however we never encountered any problems (the little birds however were fairly good at grabbing snacks if you turned your back to them!)  Warnings of leopards and hyenas at the camp sites did not detract us one bit from enjoying a good night’s sleep in the roof-top tent.  To be honest our best nights sleeps were 1) camping in the Delta and 2) sleeping in the roof-top tent.  I guess we are so used to camping during our bike trips that it was relaxing to camp (kind of felt like home!).  There’s something about sleeping in a tent that leaves you feeling much more connected to your whole experience.  Kinda of akin to driving a car on the road vs riding the bike, yes you see the same scenery but you’re living a different experience!

    Hope these pics help you out a bit, I would encourage anyone who has the time to take out the 4×4 and drive around you won’t regret it!  We hiked at Giant’s Playground, Fish River Canyon, Klein Aus Vista, paddled with the seals in Walvis Bay and ran down sand dunes in the oldest desert in the world 🙂

    Please reach us at: info@renedian.com for pricing and details.