Rene Cormier Interviewed by Liz Jansen

Rene Cormier Doing it His Way

At 33 years of age, Rene Cormier sold all his material possessions and decided to travel the world by motorcycle. Five and a half years, 41 countries, 154,000 kilometers (95,000 miles) and countless memories later he returned. Now in his 4th year of Renedian Adventures, specializing in motorcycle tours in southern Africa, he wouldn’t change a thing.



Rene Cormier interviewed by Liz Jansen

In this interview hear Rene Cormier talk about…

Deciding to GoPlanning his AdventureDealing with Doubt

Fears: International Travel in Remote Areas

Re-entry into Canada

Using the Lessons from Traveling to Write his Book

Serendipity and Synchronicity

People’s Concerns – Motorcycle Touring in Africa

Working with the Ted Simon Foundation

Living his Life, his Way!

Rene Cormier