Waterfalls and Wildlife tour

Africa is again open for business! We are delighted to be in full swing with our motorcycle adventure tours in 2022. Starting and ending in Namibia and taking in parts of Botswana and Zimbabwe in between, the Waterfalls and Wildlife tour, our most popular African motorcycle safari, is packed with highlights many couples want to experience when they travel with us—exotic wildlife sightings, natural wonders of the world, new cultures and cuisine—and all-paved roads. Our first two tours are full, but space is still available for our July 16th and August 2nd departures.

Victoria Falls - Credit: Levitt

Many riders have shared their stories of travel with us. Most have dreamt of travel here for years and although their specific reasons may vary, their experiences are far beyond what they had dreamt. Since it’s been a while since we’ve posted new stories, we’re sharing a few as a refresher and a reminder that while our movements have been restricted, African nature has continued to thrive.

Giraffes - Credit: D Wing

Okavango Delta

Brenda Hansen loved the opportunity to be up close to the animals while in the Okavango Delta. She watched as three elephants jostled for dominance right beside their vehicle and observed a leopard prepare for sleep as the carcass of its prey hung nearby in a fallen tree.

Mom and Babe - Credit: D Wing

On the Chobe River cruise, she watched maternal groups of elephants tend their young, at one point stomping their feet to shoo away a crocodile when one of the babies wandered too close. In Etosha, she and her husband Poul observed a family of cheetahs and the rare Black Rhino from a distance. Read her full story

Zimbabwe’s 5-star Victoria Falls Hotel would be a perfect place to celebrate a fiftieth wedding anniversary. Instead, Patti and Joel Meier chose to toast with champagne while camping in the Okavango Delta, sitting under the stars around the campfire watching elephants off in the distance and listening as other wildlife called in the dark.

African Motorcycle Riders - Credit: D Wing

Patti had been a volunteer docent at various art museums for twenty-five years, including the Indiana University Art Museum, known for its terrific African Art Collection. They had been looking forward to the wild life viewing but when their trip was over, they were equally pleased with the wonderful cultural experiences and gaining an understanding of local lifestyles. Read their full story.

African Motorcycle Riders - Credit: D Wing

The natural part of the landscape, the roads, terrain, and geography also intrigued Glen Amundsen, who traveled to Africa with his wife Laura. “There’s nothing comparable in North America, Europe, or other Western countries.

African wildlife

”One of the most memorable experiences was access to the animals. Being in such close proximity with so few barriers between you and these wonderful creatures was far more intimate and moving than I imagined.”

The Other Truck - Credit: Levitt

Both reminisced about the different landscapes. “We’re used to a lot more hills and curves,” said Laura. “You might think the straight roads are boring, but where else do you have to dodge zebras or warthogs? We can’t race ostriches in Wisconsin. We worry about deer at dusk but in Africa, fifty species can be crossing the road any time of day or night. It was exciting.” Read their full story.

Cheetah - Credit: D Wing

Dan Wing recalled his experiences while he and Margaret Wing were on the Waterfalls and Wildlife Tour. “You’ve got to pay attention. It’s like when I used to go hunting as a young boy but more amazing in that I could be standing there and a creature can come up and share its home with us. Similarly, you can embrace the land and the people in a way that’s more intimate than being a visitor.

Elephant Meeting - Credit: D Wing

“One day we were in the truck and the driver stopped for approaching elephants. One swayed gently and quietly towards us, totally non-aggressive, stopping about six feet off our front bumper. It looked like he was trying to communicate, asking if we were going to move or would he have to walk around us. Eventually, he sauntered around in his gentle manner and carried on his way. If he could talk, I wonder what he’d be saying.

“The whole trip was like that, whether we were greeting warthogs or the cat at the restaurant.

“For me, the blend of motorcycle riding in Africa, seeing the country, and experiencing the animals is perfect. I’ve never felt that way when we traveled to other places. Africa’s incredible vitality creates a real connection to my heart. You see the cycle of life, including the hardships. It’s raw, not coming to you on television all filtered out. This is the way it is!” Read his full story.

waterfalls and wildlife
African Sunset - Credit: John and Danielle

Make this the summer you come to Africa! Join us on our Waterfalls and Wildlife Motorcycle Safari.