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Side Stand Extension - Stainless Steel - BMW F850GS / ADV, F750GS


Turkana side stand extender for your BMW F750GS & F850GS/ADV – this is a valuable accessory serving as an extension to your existing side stand footprint. It is designed to assist in preventing the side stand from sinking into soft surfaces which can lead to your bike tipping over.


Motorcycle side stands displace the weight of your bike over a larger surface area. It is different to a center stand, whose main purpose is to park the motorbike in an upright manner for maintenance, and is generally able to be used on more surfaces than the kick stand. This extender will therefore allow your kick stand to be used on a wider array of surfaces, given its larger footprint


  • Constructed to fit around the existing kickstand foot
  • Secured with 3 fasteners.
  • Weight: 0.465 kg
  • Easy installation with all required fasteners included
  • Comes with the Turkana Lifetime Commitment and "Oh Buggar" Warranty
  • Proudly Manufactured in South Africa

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