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Turkana HippoHips™ + 8 Piece ADV Soft Luggage System - 60L


Turkana's roll-top HippoHips™ saddlebag set is the classic over-the-seat soft luggage and is designed to fit most motorcycles.

This eight-piece set grows with you from weekend camping and long-distance touring, to round-the-world adventure motorcycling expeditions. It’s versatile, weatherproof, and fits securely. Its tough construction withstands most of what the world can throw at it. Still, stuff happens and when it does, these Turkana bags are field repairable wherever you are. 

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Ultra-tough outer layer has high tear, chafing and abrasion resistance, and can withstand adventure abuse. Impact resistant HDPE backbone inside panniers ensures they remain flush with frame, protects from rocks and branches, and retains their shape when empty.

Key Features:

  • Removable roll top inner bag makes it waterproof and dustproof with an IP66 rating.
  • Light inner color makes it easy to discern contents in inner bag.
  • Double layer design allows you to repair a torn inner or outer fabric while the second layer keeps your valuables safe from dust and water.
  • Crossover straps disperse weight evenly and compress the Turkana bags to allow access into tight places.
  • Crossover straps minimize the total width and keep the weight centered.
  • Hook and loop connections secure the bags while allowing pillion to ride comfortably.
  • Cross-over straps prevent sagging and interference with rear wheel.
  • M.O.L.L.E* system makes it possible to reconfigure the bag for other storage products on different adventures.
  • Field repairable capability with basic sewing kits or dental floss and a multi tool.
  • Buckles and webbing are standard sizes across the world and easy to find and replace.
  • Weight is only around 4kg per set.
  • Carry handles.
  • Adjustable carry straps transform for carrying or backpack.
  • Universal fit adapts to most motorcycles.

*Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment

HippoHips™ Saddlebags set includes:

  • (2) Turkana HippoHips™ 30L Outer Bags.
  • (2) Waterproof 30L Inner Bag.
  • (2) Turkana BushBaby™ 3L Universal Pouches - which can be fitted on either side of the saddlebags using MOLLE / PALS.
  • (2) Turkana OxPacker™ 1.8L Bottle Bags - which can be fitted on either side of the saddlebags using MOLLE / PALS.
  • (2) Plastic Backbone rigidity plates.
  • (2) Cross Over Straps (150cm).
  • (4) Compression Straps (60 cm) to fit OxPacker™ and BushBaby™ Pockets.
  • (2) Compression Straps with quick connection buckles (50 + 70cm) to fit horizontally on and around each main HippoHips™ Bag.
  • (8) D-ring Tie-down Straps (40cm) to attach the bags to the frame.
  • (2) Extra-long Tie-Down Straps (150cm) Additional straps to attach bags to the frame.

Turkana Gear

Data sheet

20cm / 7.9 inches
Height (unrolled)
63 cm / 24.8 inches
Height (rolled 3 times)
43 cm / 16.9 inches
4kg / 8.8 lbs
2 x 30 Liter / 8 Gallon
35cm /13.8 inches

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