Jim D. (2014)

The Africa tour with Rene exceeded my expectations. The scenery and wildlife was amazing, the lodging and food was better than expected and the balance of riding, activities and downtime was perfect. If you are considering a moto tour in Africa, Rene really understands what people like and has a handle on every detail. He is truly an expert.

Simon W. (2014

I have just completed the African Wildlife and Waterfalls Tour. What a tour. It is to Rene and his team credit how well it was organized with outstanding events, excursions and sights. This trip will provide happy memories for a lifetime. I can enthusiastically recommend it to anyone considering it.

Jeremy K. (2014)

I don’t often use language as dramatic as “trip of a lifetime”, but that’s the best and only way to describe a Renedian adventure. If you have any fears or qualms about riding a motorcycle in Africa, know that Rene and Henk have created a trip that will put you completely at ease. They’ve done all the hard work and planning so that you can experience Africa in total safety and comfort—and they’re great guys to boot.I was constantly stunned by the scenery and experiences on this journey. You can barely sleep anticipating what’s in store for you tomorrow. And when you pass by that sealed up air conditioned tour bus packed with human beings, you’ll know that you’re getting a much more visceral taste of Africa. Your biggest struggle will be having to go home at the end.

~Leigh P. (2014)

I’m not a traveller nor terribly adventurous. When my wife suggested that we go on a motorcycle tour of Africa, I was skeptical… But agreed. I’m glad that I did. Renedian Adventures has a breadth of experience that makes riders feel comfortable and welcome and allows them to see the natural beauty and wonder that Africa has to offer, all from the seat of a motorcycle… Which is the best seat to see anything from, isn’t it?

J.P. (2014)

It is with sincere gratitude that I write the following testimonial. Thank you for making my trip to southern Africa one of the best experiences of my life.
If you have ever dreamed of visiting Africa and are passionate about riding, you owe it to yourself to book a tour with Renedian Adventures.
Rene’s love for riding, deep appreciation for this beautiful part of the world, and endless drive to deliver a superlative experience will assuredly reward you with ever-lasting, joyous memories. I took part in the Wildlife and Waterfalls tour in July 2014. At every step, Rene went out of his way to make my experience as care-free, enjoyable, and exciting as possible—and this, always with a smile and can-do attitude.So, if you decide to invest in a Renedian Adventure, take my advice and check any and all worries you may have at the door and, quite literally, enjoy the ride!

Cullen H. (2014)

You will brag about this trip! Rene, Henk, and DeToit were not only knowledgeable and reliable, but tremendous hosts providing an excellent atmosphere. This is the trip of a lifetime and not to be missed.

Rick and Margaret R. (2014)

My wife Margaret and I rode together on the Waterfalls and Wildlife Safari in August, 2014. This was our first such excursion and we were a little apprehensive (and excited too!). We had a wonderful experience. Rene and Colette provided thoughtful advise and material to help us prepare for and remember the trip. Rene does a great job of balancing the sense of wonder about the magical qualities of Africa (he has poetry in his soul) and the calm reassurance and sense of humour that allows you to relax and remember to take it all in. There are many thoughtful touches (we were frequently being surprised and delighted!) At the same time Rene made room to individualize your experience based on your interests and preferences. We will talk about this experience for years.

Tom and Ann H. (2014)

Amazing! If you want to see Africa … this is the way to do it! This was such an incredible genuine experience. Just a dream come true.Outstanding leadership Rene (I’m sure your Mom is very proud of you!) Thank you Renedian Adventures!!

PS – When I asked Tom if he would go back again..before I could finish the sentence – the answer was YES!

Alan and Marlies S. (2014)

Wildlife and Waterfalls ….. An absolutely wonderful trip !! For a couple that has been around a long time (as in age) and seen a lot (as in travel) this has been one of the best adventures ever. Rene and Henk’s efforts made this a most memorable experience. Accommodations were well beyond our expectations! All details were well tended to, which allowed the riders to fully enjoy the wildlife and everything else that Africa has to offer.

Simon O. (2014)

I was part of the Wildlife and Waterfalls July 2014 tour. My already lofty expectations were met and exceeded 10X!!
Rene and Henk’s planning and execution were first class in every possible way and safety was their primary focus every day of the tour.
Their attention to detail was phenomenal. Just when I thought everything was perfect they’d come up with another slight improvement. From the ride planning to the accommodation and non riding excursions planning the entire trip was incredible. The wildlife viewing was spectacular! I can’t wait to return on my next trip with Renedian.