Peter K

“I tell everyone that the romance and adventure I dreamt of when I signed up were replaced with grave concern as my departure date arrived. Was I going to be a skilled enough a rider to keep up, would I fit in with a group of strangers and of course the safety thing…..was I stupid or what? All of my concerns were eliminated by the quality of the operation, the attention to detail and the personal interaction that you and Colette provided… videotaping us as we rode, arranging for the tour through the Townships provided a sobering reflection of how fortunate I am, visiting Monkey town, even small things like providing time and “strongly suggesting” that we make our journal entries every night.

Your experience as a world traveller and your care really showed through

We were a small enough group to be properly looked after and not have the “hustled off like a herd of cattle” feeling. I never once felt like just a customer, but more an integral part of a great group experience.”