Roger and Sue K.

“We started planning to take the July/August 2012 ‘Wildlife and Wilderness‘ tour back in January, 2011 and we had built up HUGE expectations for the trip; to the point we were wondering if perhaps we had anticipated the trip so long that we may have set our expectations too high. Well, we didn’t.

The trip exceeded all our expectations.

Rene, Collette and Henk did an amazing job of hosting our group

through Africa and ensuring we had a jam packed adventure! In addition to an amazing route for riding we flew over deltas, went on safaris, camped in the wilderness, enjoyed a river boat cruise, saw Victoria Falls & zip lined across the gorge!! Amazing hosts, great fellow riders and an extremely well planned trip made this a trip of a lifetime for us. We only wish we could do this every year. The only downfall of the trip was now Sue wants a BMW! We couldn’t recommend it more highly – Just do it!”