Words from the Bike

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It’s wonderful to hear about how Africa has found its way into your heart. We were touched by the beautiful poem received from Pattie B., so eloquently capturing her experience in this land. 

Words from the Bike

by Pattie B.

Cold nights greet the flame of the sun gods. Hot days end the same way. The Circle of Fire. Nowhere but Africa.

Confused seasons paint autumn colors on early spring foliage.

King Baobab… the elephant of trees..mighty and dignified..secretly frightening.

Fashion models on the sandy catwalk wearing elaborate headpieces, neon colors, and babies.

Rusty skeletons laid to rest upside down in their own private graveyard.

Sharing the road with Longhorns: Beemer boys and girls, the real Rodeo riders.

Silly billy goats herded by big dogs running on two wheels.

Sand towers built by invisible architects for the plein air phallic desert galleries.

Mahogany faces glittered with smiles communicating encouragement: using sign language orchestrated from outstretched arms.

Thanks for everything you did to make it so special for us!