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Wide Foot Pegs - Stainless Steel - BMW F850GS / ADV, F750GS


Bigger (wider) is better! Having a wider platform available for your feet, will improve your grip, which results in better maneuverability. It further improves handling as you are better able to distribute your weight and also generally improves your comfort, especially if you are riding terrain that requires you to be upright and on the pegs. Improving your platform area is one of the most overlooking upgrades you can do to an adventure bike! Turkana’s wide footpegs for the BMW F750GS and F850GS / ADV will allow you to tick all of the above.


The larger the platform a rider has for its boots, the easier it is to find the pegs when straightening out of a turn. And it makes for a more comfortable ride and more positive interface with the bike in general. So increase your safety & comfort by fitting a set of wide foot-pegs. The enlarged contact area will reduce strain on the feet and the anti-slip design prevents boots from slipping off the pegs. 


(Note these pegs are only suitable for rider mounting points, not for pillions. 



  • Complete with return springs
  • Finish: Silver
  • Manufactured from stainless steel


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