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It is no coincidence that Renedian global motorcycle tours are in places that Rene explored while travelling on his around the world motorcycle trip. Not many busy cities, many wide open landscapes, fun roads, and stunning scenery that will remain with you forever.

The fact that he took almost five years to get around the world will give you insight into why we run our trips with the itineraries and pace that we do –  we don’t race to finish the day.

Knowing that it is likely that you may never get back to Africa, Mongolia or South America again, we make frequent stops to be inquisitive about the magical places that we are riding through by questions and taking pictures. We get on the road early and have enjoyable distances before arriving at our lodge by early afternoon.

If prospective motorcycle tour riders have itineraries from other outfits that you would like us to compare with ours, we would be happy to do so. Send them over!


Now into our eleventh year of bringing riders overseas for their motorcycle tours of a lifetime, we talk about travelling constantly. The one thing that continues to interest us is the depth of experience, money, time, and frankly, guts many riders think is necessary to ride in a foreign country.

Motorcycle tours into Africa

Among overseas destinations, Africa consistently raises an eyebrow as a tricky place to be, doubly so on a motorcycle tour.

Good roads can be found around the world, but fun roads and elephants, giraffes, rhinos and hippos? That’s only Africa!

Add into the mix a very well supported tourism infrastructure and you are delivered a trip that is worthy of the ‘trip of a lifetime’ moniker.

Endless empty roads, massive skies, crossing elephant footprints with your tire tracks, hearing lions at night, talking with new friends around campfires, spotting giraffes, zebra and buck from the road, the lack of fences.

All of this FAR outweighs any cost and worries of getting there… and it’s easier than you may think.

Introduction of the Mongolia tour

We conducted our inaugural motorcycle tour in Mongolia in 2015, the most sparsely populated country on earth and for most people, a complete unknown.

Rene spent a month riding through Mongolia in 2008 as part of his big ride. Although he had been on the road for more than four years, Mongolia, a place so full of wonder, made the cover of his book The University of Gravel Roads.

With a limited infrastructure, this is an off-road tour that will not fit every riders skill set or comfort level, but it does get us into a rarely explored remote part of the world with a deep historical and cultural significance.

South America draws the explorer to her

Tour mysterious Patagonia, magical Machu Picchu and the Incan connections, and rough and tumble Tierra Del Fuego. Weather and roads can be challenging but the rewards are worth the effort.

Spending time outdoors in these places rekindles something in us that can only be described as correct and appropriate. We invite you to experience it for yourself. It’s easier than you think!