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All the gear for exploring the planet.  Bikes too.

Exploring remote places on a motorcycle is an incredible adventure, but you need the right equipment. From hard and soft storage options to bike armor and comprehensive maps, the store has everything you need to ride around the planet. We have hand selected products that we use every day on these tours.  Tough, well priced equipment built for years of adventure and tested in real conditions.

If you’re riding in Canada and need a bike, our friends over at Canadian Motorcycle Rentals would be happy to help.

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We’re proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for Turkana Gear.  Check out Turkana at

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We have partnered with Canadian Motorcycle Rentals to provide rental services across Canada.  All of our Canadian tours make use of this great service.

Canadian Motorcycle Rentals is a 100% mobile company serving the three beautiful British Columbia cities of Vancouver, Kelowna and Penticton, as well as Calgary, Toronto, and coming soon to Whitehorse, Halifax and St Johns.

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