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Gobi Discovery

Price Per Person
from USD$ 6,395
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Now 16 days!

A looped tour to the famous Gobi desert in the far south of Mongolia. This route also features a rest day at the singing sand dunes (rest or ride – your choice!), and another rest day at the Tsenger Hot Springs. In between we ride a great sample of Mongolia’s terrain; wide open high speed steppe, rocky creek beds, many river crossings, and some tight mountain double track. This ride is guided and fully supported. Available bikes are enduro style 250cc – 650cc and we have models from Husqvarna, KTM, Honda, and Suzuki. Newer 800cc UTV’s (side by side) are also available. (2,250 kms).

Explore the option to stay two additional days and enjoy the Nadaam Festival, Mongolia’s version of the Olympics featuring wrestling, horseback racing, and archery. A great way to cap off your motorcycle tour!

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Tour Summary

Tour Details
Tour Price: USD$ 6,395 (plus 2 day optional Nadaam Festival)
Duration: 16 Days. 2,250 kms (plus 2 day optional Nadaam Festival)
Tour Dates Tour Status
2021 June 26 – July 11, Nadaam Option July 11 -13 NEARLY FULL PLEASE CONTACT US
2022 June 26 – July 11, Nadaam Option July 11 – 13 OPEN

Prices for 2020

Note: Our prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD$). 2021 prices to be confirmed January 1, 2021.

USD $6,395 (with motorcycle)
USD $6,695 (with UTV & solo driver)
USD $5,695 (with UTV & two drivers sharing)
USD $6,695 (with land cruiser & solo driver)
USD $5,695 (with land cruiser & two drivers sharing)

  • Single Room Supplement USD +$1050

Two day Nadaam Festival with Shared room USD $395
Two day Nadaam Festival with Single Room USD$580
Single room on 3-day excursion USD $250


  • 15 nights accommodation; (3 hotel, 12 ger camp)
  • All breakfast and dinner, most lunches
  • Guide on motorcycle
  • Chase truck for carrying luggage
  • Spare motorcycle
  • Mechanic on tour
  • All tolls and park entrance fees
  • Airport transfers
  • Fuel

Gobi Discovery Motorcycle Tour Itinerary

Welcome Day in Ulaanbaatar. Accommodation in hotel
No riding. Group orientation and paperwork.

Welcome Day in Ulaanbaatar. Accommodation in hotel
No riding. In 2008, a gigantic statue of Genghis Khan riding on horseback was erected on the bank of the Tuul River at Tsonjin Boldog, 54 kms east of the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, where according to legend, he found a golden whip. The statue is 40 meters tall and wrapped in 250 tons of gleaming stainless steel. It stands on top of the Genghis Khan Statue Complex, a visitor center that itself is 10 meters tall, with 36 columns representing the 36 khans from Genghis to Ligdan Khan. The statue is symbolically pointed east towards his birthplace.

100 kms tarmac, 137 kms track. Accommodation in ger camp
237km We will start our Mongolian riding experience by heading south about 100km on tarmac towards Gobi desert to get used to the bikes after which hit the dirt track and continue west for 150 km to our ger camp for the night. Baga Gazriin Chuluu is a picturesque mountain in the Gobi desert. With at an elevation of 1751 metres, it is located in the granite belt and hosts ibex, Siberian argali, vultures, hawks and eagles.

200 kms accommodation in ger camp
We refuel after 50 kms in Mandalgobi, the provincial capital of Dundgobi province. Continueing south on a tarmac and dirt tracks for another 150 km to arrive in Tsagaan Suvraga. Tsagaan Suvrage is unique formation of sheer cliffs 30 meters high and 100 meters wide. It is interesting to see the north facing sheer slope resembles the ruins of the ancient city from a distance. Photo Credit: Rae

136 kms
Starting the day with 50 kms of track before using the tarmac to get us into Dalanzadgad, the provincial capital of Umungobi for a quick refuel and re supply. The pass called the Vulture nest is one highlight of todays riding; it’s located in a deep and narrow gorge in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains. As the valley is narrow and deep, it will not be unusual to find ice sheets in the bottom shadows. Photo Credit: Puhl

193 kms
The Gurvan Saikhan mountains are the first sizeable mountains we get to play in. The entire route is dirt will see the gradual change of landscape from steppe to mountain range then large mountains of sand dunes. Khongorin els is one of the largest formation of sand which is also known as the \”singing sands\” because of the sound the northwest howling winds cause when passing over the tips of the dunes.

Rest Day
No riding. Rest day. Free day dune climbing with the bikes, camel riding, or relaxing.

160 kms
Early start ride from Khongoriin els towards Bayanzag this time we will be riding on the Northern side of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National park. The place also renowned by it’s paleontological findings where Roy Andrew Chapman discovered dozens of paleontological findings in the 1920’s. The red gravel high cliffs and the emptiness make it well worth the visit.

132 kms
A flat ride from Bayanzag to Saikhan ovoo will bring us beside many Bactrian camels as this area is famous of herding camels. Our stop for tonight will be near Ongi Monastery, formerly one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia established in the mid 16th century.

DAY 10
195 kms
Today will be a long day with an early start to get us to Arvaikher, the provincial capital of Uvurkhangai to refuel resupply and hit dirt tracks to Orkhon valley now you will notice a gradual landscape change to small river crossings, alpine trees, and mountain passes. The heat will be left in the Gobi and the chills of the altitude will be apparent in the evenings.

DAY 11
200 kms
Depending on the water level of the local rivers we will explore the Orkon valley first before we head to Orkhon waterfall, one of largest waterfalls in Mongolia. We also have the option to take a trickier route up to a hidden monastery instead, as weather permits. After lunch we will hit the dirt track to Tsenkher hot springs – a delightful ride through hilly mountainous roads, and many little river crossings.

DAY 12
Rest Day
Rest day. Rest day to recover, soak in the hot springs, fix bikes, laundry, and explore the area on local horses if you wish.

DAY 13
130 kms
We leave the hot springs and head to the ancient capital city of Khar khorin, an ancient capital city of Khubilai Khan a grandson of Genghis Khan. The main attraction is Erdene Zuu monastery which was one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia before it was been destroyed by Communist to repress religion. Today the monastery is active and holds around 100 monks. We have time to visit the new Erdene zuu museum which holds a unique artifacts of Hubilai Khan era. The afternoon brings us to our last set of sand dunes, beautifully set against of river and mountains.

DAY 14
190 kms
Today will be our longest day of riding on a paved road, and for some it will be a source of great joy after long days on a dirt tracks. Will start riding towards Hustai National park where Prizewalski wild horses were introduced in the park after near extinction in late 1950’s.

DAY 15
110 kms
Short ride from Hustai to Ulaanbaatar with option of taking a paved road or dirt track depending how the riders feel. The track is beautiful and follows a valley right up to the city. We will return the bikes in the afternoon, and get cleaned up for our last group dinner.

DAY 16
Fly out
After breakfast your driver will take you to the airport, bringing your Mongolia experience to a close. If your schedule permits, join us for an additional two days to take in the Nadaam Festival, of which the opening ceremony is today.

DAY 17 (Festival Option Only)
Horse racing in the country side and archery round out our festival experience. Our final group dinner for those who have stayed.

DAY 18 (Festival Option Only)
For those who stay for the festival, this is your fly out day. After breakfast we will arrange for your transport to the airport.

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