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Stories from Spectacular South West Africa

Ted Lawson

Ted Lawson still had the grin on his face and the dust in his ears when he recounted his experiences on Renedian Adventure’s Spectacular South West Africa expedition. He’d also brought back indelible memories—like his first roadside sighting of a big male kudu with his big [...]

Shawn Bilerman

They may live on opposite sides of the country but Fredericton’s Shawn Bilerman and Calgary’s Bob Bradley keep their high school friendship energized with annual get togethers. Facing their 50th birthday, the two decided to a special celebration was in order. That’s how Shawn ended [...]

Kellee Irwin

Kellee Irwin became hooked on Africa three years ago after completing a motorcycle tour in Morocco. As gruelling as that trip was, she vowed to return, wanting to explore more of the continent by two wheels and get a feel for its cultures. The 51-year-old [...]

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  • 60% paved roads, 40% gravel roads
  • Ais Ais hot springs
  • Fish River Canyon
  • Hermanus whale watching
  • Most southerly point in Africa
  • Guided walk in Sossusvlei sand dunes
  • Namib-Nauklft Park
  • Tropic of Capricorn
  • Cape Town tour
  • Kolmanskop Ghost Town tour
  • Option day in Stellenbosch open to ride mountain passes, do a wine tour, or dive in a shark cage
  • 3,200 km/2,000 miles

Detailed itinerary for the Spectacular South West Africa Tour.